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Only accessible for a few months a year, this beautiful travel and photo-location guidebook covers Iceland’s enigmatic highlands, one of the most desolate yet beautiful locations on Earth. The interaction of wind, water and fire has sculpted a unique upland environment defined by inhospitable landscapes, extreme weather and rugged topography. A place of beauty, mystery and drama, much of the region’s photographic appeal lies in this epitome of the Icelandic archetype, with no permanent habitation, a preference for unmetalled roads and very little infrastructure.
A trip to this area of genuine wilderness therefore requires careful consideration and planning to ensure a safe and productive visit. The long and often difficult driving approaches make many of the locations in the highlands unsuitable for hit and run tourism.
The Kjoelur RouteF35 – Kerlingarfjoell MountainsF35 – Hveravellir Hot Springs F208 & F225 – Fjallabaksleid NyrdriF225 – Raudfoss Waterfall & Raudufossakvisl SourceF208 – Sigoeldufoss WaterfallF208 – Sigoeldugljufur Canyon & Waterfalls F208 – Hnausapollur / Blahylur Crater LakeF208 – Frostastadavatn Lake & Stutur CraterF208 – Landmannalaugar MountainsLaugavegur & Fimmvoerduhals Hiking TrailsLangisjor LakeEldgja canyon & Ofaerufoss waterfall F210 & F232 – Fjallabaksleid SydriF210 – Axlafoss waterfallF210 – Holmsarlon lake & Raudibotn craterF232 & F210 – Maelifell volcanoTHorsmoerk / Thorsmoerk Nature ReserveTHakgil / Thakgil CanyonsLakagigar volcanic fissure & Laki Loop
F26 – Sprengisandslei F26 – Aldeyjarfoss & Ingvararfoss waterfallsF26 – Hrafnabjargafoss waterfallAskja Caldera & Dyngjufjoell MountainsKverkfjoell mountains


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